Ðờn Ca Tài Tử Festival II
Preserving traditional chamber tài tử music

Tieng Hat Que Huong at Don Ca Tai Tu Festival

After the great success of the First Ðờn Ca Tài Tử Festival (Ðờn Ca Tài Tử means playing traditional musical instruments and singing tài tử chamber music) in 2001, Vietnam Television (VTV) organized the Second Ðờn Ca Tài Tử Festival this year in HCM City. The festival aims to preserve this traditional music amidst the confused music market at present.

22 groups from all over Vietnam's South (e.g. HCM City, Bình Dương, Bình Phước, Tây Ninh, etc.) contributed to preserving Vietnam’s traditional chamber tài tử music when they took part in the festival which started in April 2003 at Hưng Ðạo Hall of HCM City. The attendance of young artists in the festival showed their effort to preserve the nation’s intangible culture while many artists in the field are becoming older.

The final round on June 14, 2003 was a live broadcasting show on the national television with Tieng Hat Que Huong providing the performance of "Lưu Thủy Kim Tiền Xuân Phong Long Hổ".

The jury had a tough decision to choose between the 2 finalists from Go Vap and Tan Binh, but because there could be only one winner, so the Tan Binh group convinced the jury with their performance and won the First Prize. The Second Prize went to the Tai Tu Club of Go Vap, the groups from Binh Duong and Long An shared the Third Prize.

"Lưu Thủy Kim Tiền Xuân Phong Long Hổ"
(ca. 610 kB)


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