Bé Hát Dân Ca (Children singing folk songs)

Be Hat Dan Ca
  • Em yeu lan dieu dan ca
  • Bac Kim Thang
  • Ma Than Yeu
  • Be Ngoan
  • Co La
  • Mua Dan
  • Mung Chim Hot
  • Em La Cay Dua Nho
  • Chuc Co
  • Trong Com
  • Chim Sao
  • Biet On Thay Co
  • Ru Em
  • Ale! Chang Di San
  • Cay Truc Xinh
  • Ut Ngoan
  • Ngay Mua
  • He Vui

Tieng Hat Que Huong and
Ðội Sơn Ca Nhà Thiếu Nhi Quận 1

Tieng Hat Que Huong's first audio release in 1992 features children singing songs about their everyday-life, for example parents, teachers, school, animals, trees, etc. These songs base on the melodies of popular folk songs, but have been modified in words and meanings to match a child's environment.

Bắc Kim Thang: Le Giang was inspired by this folk song from South Vietnam to compose a new lyric entitled "Chào ngày tựu trường", describing the first back-to-school day after the summer break, how the students gather at the school, the reunion with their teachers, their feelings on the way back home after the classes were over.

Bé Ngoan: Phạm Thúy Hoan composed this new lyric "Bé Ngoan" based on the folk song "Lý Cây Xanh" from South Vietnam. This song is about how children should behave towards their teachers and their parents.

Hè Vui: This song, based on the folk song "Lý Cây Bông" from South Vietnam, was written by Phạm Thúy Hoan with the subject of a summer break, children are playing during their summer break, but never forget their teacher's advice to work hard in school.


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