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Tieng Hat Que Huong's home place where we hold our music classes and performances.

Tieng Hat Que Huong

For more information about Tiếng Hát Quê Hương and further information about vietnamese traditional music, please refer to Hải Yến's Website of Tiếng Hát Quê Hương.

Prof. Tran Van Khe

Prof. Tran Van Khe's Official Website hosted by PHILMULTIC MANAGEMENT & PRODUCTIONS INC.

Phuong Ca Dan Ca Quoc Nhac

Official Website of Phượng Ca Dân Ca Quốc Nhạc, a Vietnamese Traditional Music School in France which was founded by Prof. Phương Oanh in 1969 in Viet Nam

Huong Viet Performing Arts Group

Huong Viet Performing Arts group, founded by Viet-Hai, is a non-profit organization located in Washington State whose who is to study, preserve, and promote the traditional beauty of the Vietnamese's arts and culture.

Doan Lac Hong

The Lạc Hồng group was formed in 1988 by former music instructors from the Vietnamese National Conservatory of Music in Saigon and Vietnamese musicians living in Orange County. The Group's mission is to preserve, develop, and promote Vietnamese traditional music throughout the United States.

Trung tam Giai Dieu Vietnam - Vietnam Melody
The Vietnam Melody Band professionally works in fields as broadcasting, promotion, and organizing performances on traditional art. A website including data on singing, dancing, music, stage, and folk-traditional instruments is being designed and opened in November, 2004

Vietnam Musicology Institute

Vietnamese Institute for Musicology (VIM) at present is an institution belonging to Hanoi National Conservatory of Music under Ministry of Culture and Information, with its specialization on collecting, preserving, researching, and promoting Vietnamese folk and traditional music nationwide and to the world.

Traditional Theatres of Vietnam

Traditional Instruments of Vietnam

"This beautiful website is specially designed to serve as a meaningful gift for Overseas Vietnamese, who are living far from their homeland, and those who have keep interest in the country's culture.
VietnamStyle aims to provide a panorama of Vietnam, its history, culture, tradition, landscapes..."

This website provides a great collection of the most popular traditional music and theatre in RealMedia Format.

Tìm Hiểu Dân Ca Quan Họ

Hát Quan Họ was born about the 13th century in the Bắc Ninh province and was always heard during spring festivals. Originally Hát Quan Họ were exchange songs between two mandarins' families. Gradually, it spread out and became popular among the northern people.

CLB Văn Hóa provides detailed information about Folk Songs from Quan Họ Bắc Ninh as well as samples in RealMedia format.

Nghệ Thuật Cải Lương

Reformed theater was born in the year 1918 and is still developing strongly. Originating from a singing performance with gestures, reformed theater was a form of selv-evolving theater of the southern people. At first reformed theater presented only ancient pieces and songs borrowed from Amateur Music, later it created for itself a brand-new theatrical performance area with a range of technical organization of scripts, music, decoration, garments, scenery.

CLB Văn Hóa provides detailed information about Cải Lương as well as samples in RealMedia format.

Nghệ Thuật Chèo

Chèo was the popular theater of the North. It sprang up in the 11th and 12th centuries, but it was not fully estabilshed until the 18th century. In the 19th century it reached its peak and began to fade out at the beginning of the 20th century, but is now restored in North Vietnam. One of the most popular chèo is a part of the piece "Quan Âm Thị Kính", entitled "Thị Mầu Lên Chùa". You can listen to this piece as well as some other pieces on the website of CLB Văn Hóa in RealMedia format.

The Music of South East Asia

This site presents a useful collection of links to pages with articles, pictures, videos and audiofiles about the musical tradition and the musical instruments of South East Asia.



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